Who is ruining Britain today? Not UKIP, apparently, but these 2,000-odd ravers who descended on a "pretty beauty spot" called Devil's Dyke for an illegal rave at the weekend, causing "serious distress" among the local populace.

Adding insult to Britain's collectively bruised upper lip was the fact that local Bobbies were powerless to do anything about this new-fangled box social called a "rave." Cos what's a rave, anyway? Take it away, Daily Mail:

Raves are unlicensed, illegal parties which are often held on land which is not owned by the organisers. They can cause a huge amount of disruption to local residents and damage to the land.

A police spokesman added: 'Where we can we will attend a report of a rave at the earliest opportunity to try to bring it to a safe conclusion.

When a large number of people are already at the site it is not always possible for us shut down the rave with the police resources available at that time.'

Now I'm not a trail bike kind of guy — I prefer paved surfaces and unbroken bones — but I do admire the bravery and heroism displayed by these Queen's subjects, who unwittingly descended through this special circle of Hell, capturing it all on helmet cam for us.

They deserve a Victoria Cross, or something.

[via the Daily Mail]